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Human Sized Pet Bed

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Introducing Our Human Sized Pet Bed - FOR HUMANS

Lounge in style with this aesthetically pleasing pet bed, designed with humans in mind. Blanket and Pillow included for ultimate chilaxation!



Experience unparalleled comfort and warmth with our oversized human dog bed. We've taken inspiration from traditional dog beds to create a cozier, more inviting space for you.

Enlarged Size with Rich Filler (Largest In The Market)

Our large dog bed comes in two generous sizes, measuring 180cm * 100cm * 30cm for extra comfort. The rim and bottom are generously filled with high-resilience sponge, providing a plush, fluffy, and thick cushion to lean on.

Luxury Warm Fur

Crafted from luxurious faux fur with premium fibers, our dog bed offers a thick and warm surface, reminiscent of a mother's embrace. It's perfect for keeping you warm on chilly nights or for your furry friend to snuggle up on. Plus, it pairs beautifully with a furry blanket for the ultimate in comfort.

Ergonomic Support

Our human dog bed is designed with your comfort in mind. The raised rim provides a sense of security and excellent support for your neck and head. The thickened waved bottom foam prevents you from lying too close to the ground, providing essential support for your spine. You can even tuck your hands and feet under the pillow border to reduce stress and anxiety.

Easy Care

Setting up this giant dog bed is a breeze. Simply remove it from the vacuum packing bag and let it expand. A quick pat and shake will make it completely fluffy before use. The non-slip PVC dot fabric bottom ensures it stays securely in place on any type of flooring. Plus, the zippered fur cover is removable and machine-washable, making maintenance a breeze.

Indulge in the epitome of comfort with our oversized human dog bed. Upgrade your sleep experience today!


1. XL: Accommodates 2 adults lying down. Perfect for adults, kids, & of course pets as well.

2. Portable: Comfort & relaxation whether napping, reading, working, or watching TV.

3. 360-degree wrap-around & cozy material: Soft & thick fabric, raised edges for head/neck support, & orthopedic foam for massage & anxiety relief.

4. Waterproof & machine washable: Removable cover & special foam cover. Washing machine-safe for fast refresh.



Who knew comfort could look so good?

 You deserve it—snuggle in and take your chill to the next level!



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